Hall of Fame

About the Hall of Fame

The Curry College Athletic Hall of Fame was established to recognize the College's greatest athletes and those who have given extraordinary support to Curry's athletic program, bringing honor and distinction to Curry. Hall of Fame members include individuals who have demonstrated exceptional athletic ability, personal integrity, high standards of sportsmanship and good character; have participated in varsity intercollegiate athletics at Curry for at least two years; or those who have made a significant contribution to the Curry athletic program.

Induction Criteria

Curry College is not accepting nomination forms for the Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2018 as the nomination window has closed.

Curry College is currently accepting nomination forms for student-athletes, teams, and coaches with meritorious service to Curry College for its Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2018. The Hall of Fame honors Curry's Athletic History which includes alumni and former coaches for their outstanding athletic achievements during their tenure as a student-athlete and/or employee at this institution.

Criteria for Athletes:

  • Eligible five years after his/her last year of athletic competition
  • Must have been an outstanding performer in one or more sports while attending Curry College
  • Must have graduated (in good standing) from Curry College
  • Must have been a good, upstanding citizen within the community

Criteria for Coaches/Administrators:

  • Eligible five years after his/her last year of coaching
  • Must have been an outstanding coach in one or more sports at Curry College for a minimum of five years
  • Must have been an employee in good standing with the College and community during his/her tenure

Criteria for Teams / Clubs:

  • Eligible five years after the notable Hall of Fame worthy season
  • Must have been an outstanding team (Conference Championship, National Championship, etc.) for Curry College
  • Must have upheld Curry's reputation of being upstanding, good citizens on the team as a whole

Make a nomination now! (NOMINATIONS WINDOW HAS CLOSED)

Nomination Process

To nominate an alumna/us, coach, or team, please complete our online nomination form by February 1, 2018 (NOMINATIONS HAVE CLOSED). All nominations must be submitted prior to this date to be considered for the Curry College Class of 2018 Hall of Fame.

Please provide accurate and relevant background information/materials to support your recommendation for the Hall of Fame when completing the form. These may include awards won by the nominee, team accomplishments, an example of sportsmanship or personal integrity, and statistical information if available.

Hall of Fame Inductees will receive:

  • A plaque or commemorative gift recognizing their induction
  • Free admission to every home Curry Colonels athletic event for life
  • Invitation along with a guest to every Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
  • And more!

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee for the Athletic Hall of Fame consists of 11 members:

  • Director of Athletics
  • Sports Information Director
  • Athletic Administrator
  • Head Coach of a Men's Program (2-year term)
  • Head Coach of a Women's Program (2-year term)
  • Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • 2 alumni relations representatives
  • 3 current members of the Curry College Athletic Hall of Fame

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Listed below are Hall of Fame members:

Name Class Induction Class Sport
Michael Aubin full bio Michael Aubin 1999 2004 Football
Bob Balletto full bio Bob Balletto 1979 2005 Hockey
Robert Barrett full bio Robert Barrett 1987 1992 Baseball, Football
Warren Bazirgan full bio Warren Bazirgan   1992 Sports Information Director
Lisa Bello full bio Lisa Bello 2004 2011 Softball
Michelle Belmonte full bio Michelle Belmonte 1998 2004 Softball
Michael Blau full bio Michael Blau 1985 1992 Baseball, Football
Jennifer Blessing full bio Jennifer Blessing 1994 2003 Soccer
Cecilla Bombardier-Wright full bio Cecilla Bombardier-Wright 1988 1993 Basketball, Soccer
Sally Brophy full bio Sally Brophy 1982 1987 Basketball, Soccer, Softball
Joe Cacciatore full bio Joe Cacciatore 1972 2003 Basketball
Karen Callaghan full bio Karen Callaghan 1996 2003 Basketball, Soccer
Frank Ciaramitaro full bio Frank Ciaramitaro 1989 1996 Tennis
Robert Connelly full bio Robert Connelly 1974 1990 Baseball, Football
Mary Connolly full bio Mary Connolly 1985 1992 Basketball, Softball
Burnis De Vaughn full bio Burnis De Vaughn 1974 1987 Basketball
Peter DeBusschere full bio Peter DeBusschere 1994 2000 Lacrosse
Glen Dempsey full bio Glen Dempsey 1990 2003 Hockey
Alysia DiMuzio full bio Alysia DiMuzio 2009 2016 Softball
Brian Doherty full bio Brian Doherty 2005 2011 Hockey
John Doherty full bio John Doherty   2000 Football, Football Coach
Fred Ebbett full bio Fred Ebbett 1959 1993 Baseball, Basketball
Jamie Evans full bio Jamie Evans 1988 1998 Hockey
Thomas Fair full bio Thomas Fair 1977 1989 Football
Eric Ferris full bio Eric Ferris 2000 2013 Baseball, Basketball
Andree Fitzgerald full bio Andree Fitzgerald 1981 1989 Basketball, Soccer, Softball
Brian Forbes full bio Brian Forbes 1979 2000 Football
George Gardner full bio George Gardner 1977 1987 Football
Rebecca Gardner full bio Rebecca Gardner 2004 2009 Lacrosse
Kevin Gingras full bio Kevin Gingras 1987 2009 Football, Hockey
Kristen Gliga full bio Kristen Gliga 1991 1998 Basketball
Michael Gorton full bio Michael Gorton 1995 2003 Tennis
Tracy Henaghan full bio Tracy Henaghan 1991 1997 Basketball
Richard Homan full bio Richard Homan 1993 2004 Basketball
Robert Hutchinson full bio Robert Hutchinson 1980 1987 Hockey
Thomas Joyce full bio Thomas Joyce 1959 1999 Baseball
James Kaufman full bio James Kaufman   1994 Soccer
Joseph Keaney full bio Joseph Keaney 1979 1993 Basketball
Robert Keighton full bio Robert Keighton   1993 Athletic Booster
Richard Kelley full bio Richard Kelley   1999 Basketball
Mary Ellen Kennedy-Green full bio Mary Ellen Kennedy-Green 1994 2000 Basketball
Debra L'ltalien Diagle full bio Debra L'ltalien Diagle 1985 1990 Basketball, Softball
Steven Leach full bio Steven Leach 1981 1991 Football
Nicole Leckie full bio Nicole Leckie 2001 2007 Basketball, Softball
Tim Lennon full bio Tim Lennon 1990 1996 Football
Sheilah Mahan full bio Sheilah Mahan 1989 1996 Soccer
Jeffrey Manning full bio Jeffrey Manning 1995 2007 Basketball
Scott McClure full bio Scott McClure 1983 1994 Basketball
Ken McComb full bio Ken McComb 1992 1997 Basketball, Football, Lacrosse
Mark A. Mollica full bio Mark A. Mollica 1982 1989 Hockey
Richard S. Morahan full bio Richard S. Morahan 1986 2004 Hockey
Kevin Moran full bio Kevin Moran 1986 1991 Basketball
Richard Moran full bio Richard Moran   1987 Baseball, Football
Steve Nelson full bio Steve Nelson   2011 Football
Toni Ouellette Nelson full bio Toni Ouellette Nelson 1995 2002 Soccer
Yvonne Nelson full bio Yvonne Nelson 1986 1991 Basketball, Soccer,Softball
Charles Nolan full bio Charles Nolan 1970 1995 Football
Joe Noonan full bio Joe Noonan 1979 2016 Football
George Nowell full bio George Nowell 1991 2005 Football, Lacrosse
Kevin O'Connell full bio Kevin O'Connell 1990 1999 Baseball, Basketball, Football
James O'Connor full bio James O'Connor 1959 1998 Baseball
Michael O'Sullivan full bio Michael O'Sullivan 2005 2013 Hockey
David Oliphant full bio David Oliphant 1960 1987 Baseball, Basketball
David Oliver full bio David Oliver 1985 1996 Football
Barry Parker full bio Barry Parker 1984 1997 Hockey
George Patricia full bio George Patricia 1982 1988 Basketball, Soccer, Softball
Deborah Pearl-Lima full bio Deborah Pearl-Lima 1988 1995 Soccer
Sean Pero full bio Sean Pero 2005 2016 Hockey
Jennifer Police full bio Jennifer Police 1996 2004 Softball
Scott R. Lubin full bio Scott R. Lubin 1993 2002 Baseball
Michael Rizzo full bio Michael Rizzo 1960 1995 Baseball
Brian Robitaille full bio Brian Robitaille 2005 2016 Football
Al Rogers full bio Al Rogers   2005 Tennis
Thomas Rollins full bio Thomas Rollins 1973 2009 Football
Christina Sancinito full bio Christina Sancinito 2009 2016 Basketball, Softball
Stephen Santos full bio Stephen Santos 2000 2007 Football
Joseph Savioli full bio Joseph Savioli 2002 2009 Hockey
Trent J. Scott full bio Trent J. Scott 1996 2002 Tennis
Bill Shaughnessy full bio Bill Shaughnessy 1990 1998 Baseball, Football
Jo Anne Shea full bio Jo Anne Shea 1991 2006 Softball
Shelley (Pesta) Sherwill full bio Shelley (Pesta) Sherwill 1988 2005 Soccer
Jack Silver full bio Jack Silver 1959 2007 Baseball
Richard Statucki full bio Richard Statucki 1966 1988 Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
Thomas Stephens full bio Thomas Stephens   1995 Football
Bill Stewart full bio Bill Stewart   1997 Hockey
Nick Stricklin full bio Nick Stricklin 1991 2016 Basketball
Kimberly Sturgis full bio Kimberly Sturgis 2007 2013 Soccer, Softball
Gerald Sudati full bio Gerald Sudati 1969 2006 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Mark Sullivan full bio Mark Sullivan 1983 1990 Soccer
Leanne Tarkanian full bio Leanne Tarkanian 2000 2009 Softball
Susan (Fraser) Tullis full bio Susan (Fraser) Tullis 1988 2005 Soccer
Jack Vallely full bio Jack Vallely   1991 Baseball, Basketball
Erica Veenendaal full bio Erica Veenendaal 2006 2011 Tennis
A.J. Vieira full bio A.J. Vieira 1997 2006 Baseball, Football
Fred Whouley full bio Fred Whouley 1989 1994 Hockey
Brian Williams full bio Brian Williams 2001 2006 Basketball
Douglas J. Williamson full bio Douglas J. Williamson   2002 Soccer
Andrea Zeigler full bio Andrea Zeigler 1991 1999 Soccer
Patty Zollner McColl full bio Patty Zollner McColl 1988 1994 Soccer