Men's Lacrosse Spring Break Blog #2

Men's Lacrosse Spring Break Blog #2

Sunday March 8, 2015 (Junior Midfielder Tim McNair) 

The Curry Men's Lacrosse Team continues their bodacious trip with a win under our belt. There are already great stories to share and soon there will be more. We are now making our way through the Mid-Atlantic towards the next stop at Shenandoah University in Virginia.

8:30am – The boys wake up and we get ready to take to the road again, leaving Scranton, PA behind. Now focused on our new objective: the game against Shenandoah University on Wednesday. Before heading out the boys had another vote on movies. The choices were Braveheart, Boondock Saints, and Old School. The winner was Boondock Saints, a Boston favorite, of course.

1:00pm – Halfway during the second leg we got to stop at Cowan's Gap State Park to walk on the trails surrounding the lake. The boys quickly noticed that the snow was perfect for snowballs, and sides were chosen. For a brief 30 minutes, we had the most intense snowball fight I have ever seen ("we lost a lot of good men out there!"). As we continued our hike back towards the bus, the boys were ready to eat like Vikings coming back from battle to halls of Valhalla.

2:30pm – Mario's Restaurant was nice enough to take care of us and our hunger. We dined, we laughed, and shared stories. I had a ham and cheese sub which I devoured in seconds along with five complementary rolls, which were amazing (#no shame!).

6:00pm – Finally, the team arrived at our next host and headed out to the gorgeous stadium and turf field at Shenandoah. Being a little bus lagged, the boys started practices off shaky. With teamwork and working through adversity, the boys pulled through and ended practice on a great note.

9:00pm – We arrived at the Ramada just down the road from Shenandoah with dinner waiting for us. After the boys got settled in quickly, we rushed to the conference room for dinner. Junior midfielder Nicky Amirault had trouble getting into his room, and being the Boston kid he is, became very frustrated at the lock itself. After having a stern talk with it, salvation soon greeted Nicky. He successfully got into his room with his dinner in hand.

10:30pm – As the coaches wrap up room checks, the boys head off to bed, getting rested for another action packed day tomorrow.