Men's Lacrosse Spring Break Blog #3

Men's Lacrosse Spring Break Blog #3

Monday March 9, 2015 – Tuesday March 10, 2015 (Junior Midfielder Will Clancy)

(Monday) We continue our 2015 spring break trip, staying in the Ramada Hotel in Northern Virginia for the next few days. We are continuing to work hard, get better as a team and closer as a family.

6:30am – The team is up early for breakfast at the hotel to begin the day. There wasn't much food left when I got down there, but I was eyeing some chocolate chip muffins. Unfortunately there were two left but Senior goalie Dan Martin ignorantly took both.

7:30am – We had our first full pad practice in Virginia, preparing to take on Shenandoah University on their field. It was a high energy practice and the boys are looking good to take on the home town team.

2:45pm – We went to a nearby burger joint called "Sweet Water" for a team lunch. I lost my phone charger in PA so Coach Murphy let me run across the street to get a new one. I took Junior midfielder John Koning with me. He was trying to stop at Chipotle, but I dragged him to the store for the charger.

4:00pm – The bus got back to the hotel and we have some time to relax. The team just hung around, going in and out of each other's rooms. A few of us went on top of a tower owned by the hotel which gave a good view of the mountains. We were up there for a good amount of time taking pictures and Instagramming the view. We found out we were not supposed to be up there so we all ran down and back to the hotel before the Coaches found out.

8:00pm – We went to a Chinese buffet to eat dinner. I found out that I'm not responsible enough to eat at buffets: I was full after my first plate but I continued to eat to the point of feeling sick for the rest of the night. Sophomore midfielder Dom Marcella was complaining that the food wasn't fresh, but he comes from a white collar community so we were not surprised.

10:30pm – Coaches do room checks as we get ready for bed. The team winds down and gets ready to get after it tomorrow.  


9:00am – Everyone is up for team breakfast. I got down extra early to get a chocolate chip muffin. We ate the hotel out of food, again.

11:30am – The team has pre-game practice at SU. Again it was a high energy practice and we continue to get more excited to take on Shenandoah, hungry to go 3-0. We put a tweak into our defense which I am excited to see in action. I'm expecting it to open up a lot of chances for takeaways and hard hits all game long.

2:00pm – We are back to the hotel, and there are wraps waiting for us for lunch. We have until 5:30pm to just relax. Some players went to stretch out in the pool and hot tub, but I did some homework and took a nap.

5:30pm – We went to see "American Sniper" at the movies, where they served us dinner in the theatre. It was a great movie, and I think it was good for pre-game because Bradley Cooper is a savage in it.  

9:00pm – The team gets back to the hotel and has until 10pm to hang around before room checks. It is a quiet night as we are getting ready to bring it to SU for our third win.