Men's Lacrosse Spring Break Blog #4

Men's Lacrosse Spring Break Blog #4

Wednesday March 11, 2015 - Thursday March 12, 2015 (Freshman Defenseman Chris Borduas)

(Wednesday) Halfway through Spring Break 2015, the Colonels have adapted to the warm weather in Strasburg, Virginia and were ready to take on Shenandoah. So far the trip has been great for the team to put in hard work and get some down time, allowing team bonds to strengthen.

9:30am: The team is up for a pregame breakfast. The boys did a good job of eating plenty of food to fuel up for the upcoming game. The sausage gravy and biscuits were untouched, definitely not a team favorite.

10:00am: We meet in groups to go over some X's and O's on the board with the coaches. First is Man-Down, then the whole Defense joins, followed by the entire team, and finally just the Offense.

12:00pm: The team arrives at the stadium with perfect weather for a lacrosse game. We spent about a half hour throwing the ball around before getting suited it up. Everyone looked sharp and ready to play.

4:00 pm: Game time. The Colonels fought hard and were able to keep the game close up until the fourth quarter. The offense seemed to have some trouble finding the back of the net late in the game and we suffered our first loss.

6:45pm: After the game, everyone was starving, and to our surprise, Coach Murphy informed us that we would be treated to an awesome steak dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse. The food was great and much needed. Not a single bite was left on anyone's plate, Tim McNair made sure of it.

9:00pm: We head back to the hotel to pack for a long day of travel tomorrow. This didn't take long for me because luckily, my roommate, Shane O'Brien, always liked to keep things organized, EXTREMELY organized.

(Thursday) After the loss to Shenandoah the team took to the road again, heading up to White Plains, New York where we will be staying for a couple days before our next game against Manhattanville College. With another great day in the forecast, the Colonels made a pit stop in the Nation's capital.

7:30am: The team woke up for an early breakfast eager to hit the road and do some sightseeing in DC.

11:00pm: We arrived in DC after sitting in some terrible traffic and laughing at a Chris Farley DVD. We were fortunate enough to get a behind the scenes look at United Technologies, thanks to (Freshman goalie) Travis Ward's father, who was a former executive with the company. We learned how helicopters, NASA equipment, ejection seats, and other aircraft products were made. We got to look around the displays and were able to see the concept for the next Blackhawk helicopter.

12:00pm: After exploring United Technologies, we were able to sight see for a while. We saw the White House (where plenty of selfies were taken) and the Washington Memorial, among others. Dom Marcella and I were able to stop at a fancy cafe that we couldn't pronounce the name of to grab some coffee and a snack.

1:00pm: The team loaded back onto the bus and we were off to New York on our final leg of the trip.

3:00pm: We stopped at a rest stop in Maryland to grab a quick bite to eat.

7:00pm: After a long day of driving, we finally arrived at the Hyatt in White Plains. This was definitely the nicest hotel we stayed at all week and we were all surprised to see that we all got to stay in awesome suites. The beds were huge and extremely comfortable, definitely a step up from the Ramada.

8:30pm: We all enjoyed some New York style pizza from a local restaurant before shutting down for the night. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and was ready to relax before another high energy practice tomorrow.